“The Royal Society of Pioneers is seeking brave new dogs to search the world outside the kingdom of Pugmire! All dogs must be willing to explore strange, dangerous new areas, and recover any lost artifacts of Man they may come across. Present your credentials to a Trustee of the Society today, and be a good dog!”



This is a “season” (i.e., a game with a distinct number of sessions, probably 10-12), set in the world of my upcoming game, Pugmire. We will be using the rules from Pugmire Early Access, and likely experimenting with new rules along the way until the release of the final version of Pugmire.

The game runs approximately once a month on Friday evenings. I’m not looking for new players at this time.


  • All characters must have worked for the Royal Society of Pioneers at least once before, working under Daniel Basset. Personal ties between characters are encouraged, but not required.


  • Rules will be made available to players via a private Dropbox folder.
  • My table rules are posted, and are subject to change: Table Rules.


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