Fiona Corgi

Trustee of the Royal Society of Pioneers


Her fur is light tan and white, with the occasional patch of black that is going gray. She has scars on her paws and muzzle that she doesn’t try to hide. Like many of her family her arms and legs are short and stubby, but she has a fierce bearing that makes her look larger than she is. She still wears her worn leather armor and daggers from when she was an adventurer.


Fiona is an old dog. Her best years as a pioneer and explorer for Pugmire are behind her, and her gray fur and plentiful scars tell tales of an adventurous life. These days, she is considered a Trustee of Royal Society of Pioneers, one of the dogs that helps guide and educate the next generation of adventurers who make the world safe for Pugmire.

Personality: Fiona is a straight-talking dog that isn’t afraid to get in another dog’s muzzle if she doesn’t like what’s going on (even if, with her short legs, she often has to look up to do it). She cares deeply about the Pioneers under her, and will go out of her way to make sure they’re taken care of.

Fiona Corgi

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