Vinsen's Tomb, Part 2

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Vinsen's Tomb
Episode 3


  • Go to the guard house.
  • Everyone stares at Alistair Afghan, who is staring at the wall.
  • Afghan tries to explain what’s wrong, and eventually tells the group that his valet, Darcy Cat, has been arrested.
  • Ask Sgt. Weimaraner to find the inquisitor in charge of the case.
  • Natty used to serve in the military with Max Collie. He attempted to get a superior officer court-martialed for “conspiring with cats,” even though no proof was found.


  • Go to look for the Moggies.
  • Kennan knows of a cat named “Mr. Mau,” a moggie who runs a laundry in the Backyard.
  • “Accidentally” pushed a bag of clothes off the counter belonging to Afghan.
  • Arik knows a distant cousin who is a weapons dealer who knows One-Eyed Tom.
  • Mickey searches the laundry and finds a map with Vinsen Pug’s symbol.
  • They knock on One-Eyed Tom’s door, and he eventually lets them inside.
  • The building is burned down, and the dogs run with the artifact of Man.
  • They ask a couple of strays to stay the night.
Expedition to Site Delta, Part 2
Episode 2

1: Entrance Hall

There are two suits of strange armor sit on either side of the entrance hall.

2: Crypts

Inside are a number of strange-looking corpses resting on slabs or beds. They look to be part machine and part person, something like hairless cats or malformed dogs. When the doors open and the corpses are examined, however, the bodies get up and attack!

3: Hall of the Dead

A destroyed hall that funnels to a door at the other end. Two more suits of armor guard the door.

4: Vestibule

Two pillars guard a door: one black, and one white. The black pillar is by a black door, and the white pillar is by a white door.

5: White Hall

Stepping onto the floor here allows everyone to recover 1d8 stamina points. The rest of the room is destroyed. Searching the wreckage reveals a strange, thick, white slab. When it is put on the white pillar, it starts to glow.

6: Black Hall

Stepping onto the floor here causes one random character to lose 1d4 stamina points every turn from beams of light. The rest of the room is destroyed. Searching the wreckage reveals a strange, thick, black slab. When it is put on the black pillar, it starts to glow, and the door at the end of the hallways opens.

7: Necromancer’s Chamber

The final room has a pod with a clear glass front, in which rests a cloak. Near the pod are two suits of armor. The pod is trapped – once opened, a voice coming from nowhere speaks in the language of the dogs. It awakens all of the “dead,” and the suits of armor throughout the lair activate. The dogs run out of the lair with their prize in hand.

After the Lair

  • Corgi had the poison examined. It’s a natural one made from mushroom and plants, commonly used by moggies and strays.
  • The group believes the moggies they encountered before were telling the truth.
  • While she keeps looking (and handles any other tasks the group has), she asks them to do a favor for an old friend, Alistair Afghan.
Expedition to Site Delta
Episode 1

All Good Dogs Go To Pugmire (Character Creation)

  • MICHELLE: Natty Borzoi, Ratter. Former soldier, hates cats and cat necromancers.
  • DAVID: Mickey French, Artisan. Large merchant family (French-Bulldogs). History of not being fighters.
  • MAX: Arik Sunnhund, Guardian. Low-ranking country noble. Minor house of the Hound families.
  • TONY: Kennen Bassett-Hound, Shepherd. Hedge priest of common stock.
  • BECKY: Heidi T. Mastiff, Hunter. Grew up in the woods. Insatiably curious, hates monsters and necromancers.

A Funeral

  • All of the characters are told of the death of Trustee Daniel Bassett, and are invited to his funeral.
  • Mickey tries to steal a flower from the grave, and then sits down.
  • At the funeral is Fiona Corgi, their new Trustee.
  • Daniel was exploring a rumor of a mountain ruin controlled by a necromancer, containing an artifact that can hide a dog’s sins. He went to scout out the area, but he was poisoned and barely made it back to Pugmire.
  • The last person he spoke with before leaving was Lancaster Pug.

Looking For Lancaster Pug

  • Lancaster Pug is terrified of adventure.
  • PCs convince him that they’re willing to go explore and bring back anything of Man that may be valuable.
  • The mountain that the necromancer lives in is past the forest to the north, which is believed to be haunted by spirits.
  • He also mentions that some cats were asking him about the mountain a few days ago.
  • Mickey gets a pack mule to carry all his stuff. It’s purple, and has stone hooves.
  • They catch a rabbit.
  • On the first night, they catch a faint smell of cat, but the smell fades.
  • Second day, smell of Daniel Bassett and two kinds of cat smell (one moggie, one moggie with a strange variation).
  • Second night, smell the cats again. They’re close.

Cat Bandit Ambush

  • As the group arrives at the mountain, they are ambushed in the woods by a band of Moggie (“mongrel”) cats.
  • They talk to the cats and feed them, and the cats agree to meet. They don’t know anything about Bassett or the other cats.
  • They are just some moggies that want to take the artifacts in the lair and use them to raise their standing in Cat society (particularly with the House of Mau)
  • Leader is an ex-soldier, formerly Decimus Mau von Mau, now Decimus Cat.
  • Rumors of possessed dogs and cats wandering the woods.

Into The Mountain

  • Once the mountain is approached, they find a steel door set into the side. There is a sign in Man language next to it.
  • Translation: Secure Site Delta. Provide Security Credentials.
  • They find the security incantation (“uniform sierra alpha”), and the door grinds open.
  • Once the door is open, red torches light up, and there’s a wailing sound in a language no one recognizes – the spirits of the dead.

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