Expedition to Site Delta

Episode 1

All Good Dogs Go To Pugmire (Character Creation)

  • MICHELLE: Natty Borzoi, Ratter. Former soldier, hates cats and cat necromancers.
  • DAVID: Mickey French, Artisan. Large merchant family (French-Bulldogs). History of not being fighters.
  • MAX: Arik Sunnhund, Guardian. Low-ranking country noble. Minor house of the Hound families.
  • TONY: Kennen Bassett-Hound, Shepherd. Hedge priest of common stock.
  • BECKY: Heidi T. Mastiff, Hunter. Grew up in the woods. Insatiably curious, hates monsters and necromancers.

A Funeral

  • All of the characters are told of the death of Trustee Daniel Bassett, and are invited to his funeral.
  • Mickey tries to steal a flower from the grave, and then sits down.
  • At the funeral is Fiona Corgi, their new Trustee.
  • Daniel was exploring a rumor of a mountain ruin controlled by a necromancer, containing an artifact that can hide a dog’s sins. He went to scout out the area, but he was poisoned and barely made it back to Pugmire.
  • The last person he spoke with before leaving was Lancaster Pug.

Looking For Lancaster Pug

  • Lancaster Pug is terrified of adventure.
  • PCs convince him that they’re willing to go explore and bring back anything of Man that may be valuable.
  • The mountain that the necromancer lives in is past the forest to the north, which is believed to be haunted by spirits.
  • He also mentions that some cats were asking him about the mountain a few days ago.
  • Mickey gets a pack mule to carry all his stuff. It’s purple, and has stone hooves.
  • They catch a rabbit.
  • On the first night, they catch a faint smell of cat, but the smell fades.
  • Second day, smell of Daniel Bassett and two kinds of cat smell (one moggie, one moggie with a strange variation).
  • Second night, smell the cats again. They’re close.

Cat Bandit Ambush

  • As the group arrives at the mountain, they are ambushed in the woods by a band of Moggie (“mongrel”) cats.
  • They talk to the cats and feed them, and the cats agree to meet. They don’t know anything about Bassett or the other cats.
  • They are just some moggies that want to take the artifacts in the lair and use them to raise their standing in Cat society (particularly with the House of Mau)
  • Leader is an ex-soldier, formerly Decimus Mau von Mau, now Decimus Cat.
  • Rumors of possessed dogs and cats wandering the woods.

Into The Mountain

  • Once the mountain is approached, they find a steel door set into the side. There is a sign in Man language next to it.
  • Translation: Secure Site Delta. Provide Security Credentials.
  • They find the security incantation (“uniform sierra alpha”), and the door grinds open.
  • Once the door is open, red torches light up, and there’s a wailing sound in a language no one recognizes – the spirits of the dead.


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