Expedition to Site Delta, Part 2

Episode 2

1: Entrance Hall

There are two suits of strange armor sit on either side of the entrance hall.

2: Crypts

Inside are a number of strange-looking corpses resting on slabs or beds. They look to be part machine and part person, something like hairless cats or malformed dogs. When the doors open and the corpses are examined, however, the bodies get up and attack!

3: Hall of the Dead

A destroyed hall that funnels to a door at the other end. Two more suits of armor guard the door.

4: Vestibule

Two pillars guard a door: one black, and one white. The black pillar is by a black door, and the white pillar is by a white door.

5: White Hall

Stepping onto the floor here allows everyone to recover 1d8 stamina points. The rest of the room is destroyed. Searching the wreckage reveals a strange, thick, white slab. When it is put on the white pillar, it starts to glow.

6: Black Hall

Stepping onto the floor here causes one random character to lose 1d4 stamina points every turn from beams of light. The rest of the room is destroyed. Searching the wreckage reveals a strange, thick, black slab. When it is put on the black pillar, it starts to glow, and the door at the end of the hallways opens.

7: Necromancer’s Chamber

The final room has a pod with a clear glass front, in which rests a cloak. Near the pod are two suits of armor. The pod is trapped – once opened, a voice coming from nowhere speaks in the language of the dogs. It awakens all of the “dead,” and the suits of armor throughout the lair activate. The dogs run out of the lair with their prize in hand.

After the Lair

  • Corgi had the poison examined. It’s a natural one made from mushroom and plants, commonly used by moggies and strays.
  • The group believes the moggies they encountered before were telling the truth.
  • While she keeps looking (and handles any other tasks the group has), she asks them to do a favor for an old friend, Alistair Afghan.


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