Vinsen's Tomb

Episode 3


  • Go to the guard house.
  • Everyone stares at Alistair Afghan, who is staring at the wall.
  • Afghan tries to explain what’s wrong, and eventually tells the group that his valet, Darcy Cat, has been arrested.
  • Ask Sgt. Weimaraner to find the inquisitor in charge of the case.
  • Natty used to serve in the military with Max Collie. He attempted to get a superior officer court-martialed for “conspiring with cats,” even though no proof was found.


  • Go to look for the Moggies.
  • Kennan knows of a cat named “Mr. Mau,” a moggie who runs a laundry in the Backyard.
  • “Accidentally” pushed a bag of clothes off the counter belonging to Afghan.
  • Arik knows a distant cousin who is a weapons dealer who knows One-Eyed Tom.
  • Mickey searches the laundry and finds a map with Vinsen Pug’s symbol.
  • They knock on One-Eyed Tom’s door, and he eventually lets them inside.
  • The building is burned down, and the dogs run with the artifact of Man.
  • They ask a couple of strays to stay the night.


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